Cheryl's Pet Sitting


Welcome To Cheryl's Pet Sitting

One day or everyday!   I will provide loving care to your companion animals!

A mid-day walk can help with potty training, needed exercise and social interaction. Walks are generally 30 minutes, weather permitting. Dogs need exercise while you're at work and a daily walk can help. Exercise helps ease boredom and eliminate behavior issues that result from lack of exercise and stimulation when you're not at home.

And if you're going on vacation, no reason to send your animal friends to a kennel when they can stay home where they are comfortable and safe. Kenneling can result in fear, loss of appetite, sickness and depression. Please call for special vacation rates!! 

My services also include cat sitting!  Along with feeding and cleaning litter boxes your cats will receive lots of play time (if they want it, of course..:) Some of my kitty clients just like me sitting next to them by the window!

Services also include watering plants, taking in mail, turn off/on lights or anything else you need while away at no extra charge.

My background includes working with animals for over 20 years. I love animals and have a strong connection to them. Yours will always be treated like one of my own.

I'm happy to provide references from past and current clients.

My rates are very competitive and I am always flexible with my schedule as time allows so please call last minute if you decide to stay at work late or go away.for a day or longer.

Call anytime to discuss your needs or to arrange for a free get acquainted meeting.

484-707-3407 or email

This is Ginger, a sweet beautiful  soul, inside and out!

This is Snowball, a very sweet baby that loves to sit by the window.